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Education and Psychology the category in which you can find all about the care of children, ADHD in children, high conflict divorce and children, business intelligence, ethics in the workplace, distance learning, internet etiquette, communication training...


What is anecdotal?

An anecdote is a fun representation of an event that gives the audience a chance to rest from the condensed information ...

ANEGDOTE a fun display of an event that gives the audience a chance to rest from the dense information, facts or data, but is often used in the introduction, as a technique to attract initial attention, but an accomplished speaker will iskoristitii the argumentation stage, at the moment When you notice fatigue audience; can be real or fictional, but the speaker must always appear as if it really happened. | Example: Aristotle was talking to an acquaintance who has friends behind his back talking bad about him. Aristotle responded: - If you slander me in my absence, I am not in pain. In my absence and I can beat up. Balzac was caught in his lies Otto Hirschfeld. Therefore it is taught as follows: - Lying is worst of all defects. Remember : his neighbor must never disagree. - And why, sir, you represent whenever a bailiff comes to you not at home., said bailiff. - bailiff are not our neighbor. to His Zeta Lenturu, political opponents, who loved spruce up arms once said:
- And who tied for the sword? Shakespeare warn that one scene literally took the drama out of an unknown beginner. Shakespeare on the responses - True it is, but this scene is like a young girl I saved from bad company and moved the better.

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