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TEMPE how to draw drawing and watercolors, tempera on the wall tempera on a piece, color, price

Drawing in watercolor and tempera on the wall is our popular kids. However, as tempera paint needs to know. Tempere are different colors and can be purchased on a piece, so their cost is less than when you buy the package.

Tempera is a painting technique in which colors created by mixing pigment with a solution of glue and binder whence its name: the word comes from the word tempera temperare, which means to mix. | substrate for painting with watercolors can be textured paper, wood or canvas. brush for distemper is tougher than paint brushes for watercolor, but also a bit softer than brushes of oil paint. Need a pallet that can be purchased or we can use a handy means of which the most suitable cover of a pot or plate of metal, plastic or plexiglass. Tempera is a thick, opaque, color cover, which is why we can easily map the parts of the image which does not correspond. When mixing the color palette, diluted with water to a density similar to yogurt. lightens the color mixing with white and so we get tones either gradually or in gradual modeling. It is desirable to avoid a clean raw paint from the tube and the more you mix them on a pallet. can get quite monotonous prayers, or expressive, dynamic, and the indented surface. coat of paint should not be too thick, because then peeling paint. Colors can be purchased all together in a package or each color individually.

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