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How to draw a horse drawing Animals, dragons, butterflies, foxes, lions, bears, cats

Wondering how to draw animals? Drawing horses, dragons, butterflies, foxes, lions, bears, cats, some of them is a big problem, but can be very interesting. Here are some tips :

Wondering how to draw animals? Drawing horses, dragons, butterflies, foxes, lions, bears, cats, some of them is a big problem, but can be very interesting. Here are some tips: < p style = padding-left: 18pt;>
1 First collect the relevant resource that will help you in making animal of your choice. This could include images or video that is readily available for you. Now carefully try to analyze the anatomy of animals. Try to understand the forms that make up a particular animal. For example, the cheetah drawing shapes that include a prominent oval head, triangular ears, and rectangular body. When you can identify different forms of practice making these forms .
Now using the second 2B pencil are basic forms of appearance. During this process you need to look for shapes that could be superimposed. Picture of animals typically consist of many forms that tend to overlap in a complex shape.
third draw the basic shapes of the light pen, and then delete the parts that overlap, that forming a body structure of the relevant animals. Keep drawing of isolated segments of animals and ensure that they are in sync with the other forms part of the body. It is very important to see that the different forms connect smoothly.
4 as a realistic drawing appears to depend largely on how well you apply tones. For this you need careful study of lighter and darker tones in your reference, then go for shading as per requirement. It is always better to apply gray tones with a small number of strokes that are more suitable for drawing darker tones.
fifth Proper mixing tones is very important to achieve the desired result. You can use different mixing tools that can help point out the real features in your drawing. tortillon or tissue can be used to achieve smooth blending.
6th Keep checking your reference photo or illustration to ensure your data to match with it. carefully looking through the source can identify areas where lighter shades against the darker tones and vice versa. You can always pick out highlights from the kneaded eraser tip. You can also use a battery-operated eraser to highlight the white specs in wild animals like deer.
7th Continuing the process of merger, and can gradually pull out the different features of animals such as legs, head, eyes, ears and so still meticulously.

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