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How to open stores open retail and commercial craft

The opening of retail and commercial trade is regulated by the trades. How to open a trade and what is needed?

The opening of retail and commercial trade is regulated by the trades. How to open a shop and what we all need?
Performance of trades in the Republic of Croatia is regulated by the trades. OPENING tradesman for free and related trades tradesman must have a trade license issued by the office for the economy that leads to working the register in which the trade is entered. for performing privileged trades tradesman must obtain a special privilege issued by the competent ministries depending on the type of craft which keeps a register of licenses in which write privileges. Artisan submits an application for working the register maintained by the competent county office. The application is usually attached to these documents and evidence: - for the use of space - notarized contract of lease or ownership certificate, if necessary, to conduct a trade - the qualifications or qualifications - or statement that will employ workers who have this condition - the work permit for foreigners - conviction for violation of a judge - a confirmation of the Center for Social Work - Certificate of Physical Fitness - the medical examination - Statement of the beginning conducting trade with the application are completed registration sheets that can be purchased in the Official Gazette: - RL 1 - Details on crafts - RL 2 - on a separate data drive - RL 3 - data on trade activities may be other documents according to specific laws , especially for those associated with preferential trade, for example: - Public road transport - driving license and a copy of the registration for the vehicle, technician of road traffic, etc - for a taxi - Certificate of passing the exam testing knowledge of cultural, economic, social and entertainment and other information about the city, knowledge of the duties and rights of taxi drivers, the age of 21 years of age, have a drivers license for at least two years - the fishermen - the minutes of the Port Authority on the review of fishing gear and sailing permit for the boat - to carry out commercial activities necessary to obtain a solution of minimum technical requirements for office space and labor resources, pursuant to Article 17 of the Trade Act - OG Republic br.11/96 - for caterers - Proof of Entitlement restaurant - purchase agreement, an excerpt from the Land Registry as proof of ownership , lease agreement, proof of qualifications or qualifications for office business, the certificate of final examination of secondary school or a certificate of qualification for self-caterers with proof of one year of experience in the hospitality industry, and demonstrates the working copy of the booklet, or confirmation of pension and disability insurance certificate or a certified pension and disability insurance or a certified certificate as proof of the other chefs that year worked in jobs in the hospitality industry, proof of correctness of wiring, a report on testing the effectiveness of ventilation, noise report, a report on Air Pollution of emissions - for restaurants which prepare and serve meals, a report on noise insulation for commercial buildings that are running 23 hours behind the music, entertainment and artistic program, and are not located outside residential areas, and provided that no in the home, the findings on water, if it is a catering facility, which opened for the first time, evidence of leakage of water and sewer installations in case of a catering facility, which opened for the first time, evidence of leakage of septic tanks for commercial buildings that are located in areas that are not connected to public sewage system, evidence of leakage of gas installations ... should submit a payment of payment of costs, as follows:-for the craft: 500 kuna administrative charges ... competent county office shall issue a trade license or a decision refusing the application for a trade license within 15 days of complete application is submitted. If the competent county office within a specified period not to issue a trade license or a decision refusing the issue of trade license, a natural person may, if it considers that it meets the requirements prescribed by law, start with the performance of trades which previously written to the competent county office.

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