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How to open Club for birthdays

How to open Club for birthday? Club for birthday What equipment is needed and birthdays?

How to open Club for birthday? Club for birthday What equipment is needed and birthdays? Opening trades are working in government offices - Department of Economics and who pay the following fees: | first for £ 270.00 entry into the working register - + £ 70.00 for the application of early-login if not get started simultaneously with the entry of a trade 2nd £ 200.00 3rd crafts costs £ 20.00 to 40.00 Upon obtaining state marker of decision trades in the working register is made stamp - 150.00 to 250.00 EUR and opens the account in a commercial bank - s. fixed liabilities to the state are as follows: £ 250-350 / quarterly - Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the amount depends on the county where you tj.mjestu trades approx £ 250.00 / year, tax on the company approximately £ 200.00 per month, an advance income tax-Rs 1721.40 contributes to business owners. All other costs depend on the business - rent, utilities, salaries and employee contributions, VAT, if you enter the system ... so that the final, annual account of income tax can not pretpostaviti.On depends on the difference between receipts and expenditures, less a personal allowance of craftsmen, dependents, deductions for health, housing needs, incentives for new hires ... Options: Labyrinth of the first obstacles second Pools Slides Ball 3rd 4th 5th Banseri Tunnels Rollers sixth seventh eighth walls for climbing ladders and lianas ninth Safety nets and networks Various climbing creepers 10th and 11th obstacles Tables, chairs, benches and 12th floors, walls, upholstery Čiviluci 13th 14th 15th cipelarnici Wall Painting walls

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