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HOW TO START KINDERGARTEN Kindergarten Open equipment for kindergartens

How to open a kindergarten? What does it take to open a kindergarten and nursery equipment that is necessary?

How to open a kindergarten? What does it take to open a kindergarten and nursery equipment that is necessary? Opening of a kindergarten for private enterprises | LEGISLATION Law on Preschool Education {NN 10/97 Institutions Act - OG 76/93 State educational standards for pre-school activities - OG 29/83 Ordinance of the Ministry of Education on the type and qualifications of staff of preschool institutions - OG 133/97 Decision on standards and criteria for allocation of funds for programs public needs in pre-school education in the local government area in 2003 SDŽ STATUS Kindergarten is a public institution with the characteristics of public service. Care for children from 6 months to school age. City decides on the needs and interests of citizens to organize and exercise program in pre-school education and therefore establishes a kindergarten. The City may be a founder or cofounder kindergarten. The City may nursery in other peoples property to determine its element child care as a public need and participate in the cost of his work. Establishment of kindergartens near the town may establish religious communities and other legal and natural persons. The founder brings the founding act of the institution. The founding act of the institution has a program of work, details of staff who will be engaged in the work area and equipment, the name and authority of the director. The founding act of the founder shall submit to the Ministry of Education approval. Registration entry in the Commercial Court has, the Founding Act, the consent of the ministry of the founding act, decision of the County Office of Education approving the start of kindergarten, proof of payment of the founders equity - 2,000.00, payment of litigation costs, and publication in the press. Authorization requirements for the start of work shall meet the requirements of the State educational standards regarding the number and types of groups, number of children in groups, with the duration of the program structure and function, the number of educators, professionals and other employees, the criteria for funding programs, material and financial conditions , education of children with disabilities, preschool structure - small schools, the minimum technical and sanitary requirements of space and equipment for operations, NUMBER OF CHILDREN IN GROUPS mixed group of 4-6 years = 20 children to a mixed group of 2-6 years = up 14 children pure groups of 2 to 12 years = pure groups of children from 3 years = 16 children clean up groups of 4 = up to 20 children a pure group of 5 to 25 years = pure children of 6 years = up to 30 children, nursery through 14 children. AREA The total area of ​​7 m2 per child. Must have at least the main room of 60 m2 for one group, toilet, kitchen, dressing room and garden. Staff employed by the staff of the relevant prescribed qualifications must have passed the certification exam, medical fitness and impunity for certain offenses. Compulsory occupations as teacher, nurse, Associate degree, an educator, psychologist and speech therapist, university, teacher and educator for the shorter programs VSS VSS. Professional staff are selected and employed by public tender. Salaries of staff must be at the level of those fixed by collective agreements and other regulations pertaining to employees in Elementary Education. Minimum standards prescribed by the staff: program / teachers = 6 hours / 1.2 employees, 8 hours / 1.6 employees, 9 hours / 1.8 hours and 10 employees 12 employees, number of children / support staff = 80/1 KV; 120/1 KV0, 5 unqualified, 160/1 KV 1 unskilled, 200/2 0.5 KV unskilled, 240/2 KV 1 unskilled, 290/2 1.5 KV unskilled, 320/2 CV 2 unskilled, director of = 15 % of working time up to 3 educational groups, 20% of the time for up to four educational groups;-educator, psychologist, special = 2 hours a week;-nurse = 2 hours a week;-staff for regular maintenance, bookkeeping, administrative jobs, etc. to the extent necessary. MANAGEMENT kindergarten as a public institution managed by the Governing Council. It consists of 3-7 members and makes it at least polovinačlanova set by the founder, one member elected by the parents and one member representative of the professional staff makes. Director may be a person who meets the requirements for educators and professional staff with at least 5 years experience in the industry. It selects on the basis of open competition. He is elected by the founder of the governing council. Educational Council is a professional body kindergarten. ACTS Statutes, Regulations on internal organization and mode of institution, annual work program.

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