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WHAT INVOICE form, appearance, for example making the invoice

Once you learn how to make invoices no longer a problem. Heres an example of how the form and layout of invoices ...

| Once you learn to make invoices no longer a problem. Heres an example of how the form and layout of invoices ...
The worksheet invoice, enter the items we want to print as invoice - bill. program is automated by using certain formulas and macros. need to fill some fields that are normally shaded yellow in order to emphasize the outline of needs filling. After filling the fields yellow cell color disappears. Fields to fill that necessary to fulfill the following writing:
- Issued Home - Click on the button NoviBroj if opening a file produces several invoices - invoices after the shooting Home - date of issue - as desired Home - Place of issue invoices - bills Home - Deadline to pay invoices - optional Home - Payment invoice - via drop-down menu Home - Company name which we issue an invoice - via drop-down menu, other data is automatically withdrawn Home - Click button Upload-Download-Burn which is three actions.
Narrated selected items on the sheet Output and the invoice number - account with the corresponding data sheet izdateFakture ;
She downloads of selected articles from the condition sheet items
Records concerned with the invoice number in two formats - *. XLS and *. PDF. Here I must note that this invoice was made in Excel 2007 that has embedded tool for recording in the PDF / XPS. Of course if you use this file in Excel 2003 then to remove a macro that records the invoice *. pdf. When I am able I will make both versions for download - in Excel 2003 *. xls and Excel 2007 *. xlsm Home - Notice that the invoice you have the option of registration discount - rebate on the sale of items - goods
Items can choose from the drop-down menu in the column Code and after the election Model automatically from the database sheet items are other data name and unit After the election, a certain item we automatically turns red cells in the column value which warns us to type in the amount of respective item. Another point that writes the column Aug, ie the amount of other data is automatically withdrawn.

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