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Sony Ericsson X10 features

Joining Sony Ericsson in the free world

Xperia X10 is the first model is based on Sony Ericsson Android. It is a very good device that only suffers from several drawbacks. Biggest headache to their owners with Sony Ericssons X10 gave a slow nadogranjama. The mobile phone comes with Android 1.6, and anyway not nadogranja the latest version 2.1, not to arrive. is constantly delayed nadogranju, and only the most recent available, although still not all. Upgrade to Froyo is not mentioned so far is still a great pity. second I address the lack of ejection multitocha that is at least according to some possible on this device. All in all it is a very good camera with an excellent display that have long been waiting for many fans of this company.

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