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LG Optimus features

Entry Level Android is a pleasant surprise

LG with Optimus made a very good job. This is their first device Androdiu and odličili the cover of the markets follows that in his time was somewhat neglected. While the other representing the gigahertz smartphone processors and huge screens that had to be set aside considerable sum of money, LG has unveiled the complete opposite. Optimus has a 3.2 inch resistive screen - can be used with a pencil, 600 MHz processor and 156 MB of RAM. Although it sounds great on paper, in reality all together works more than well. LG Optimus - LG GT540 is the best choice for beginners in the use of smartphones to access the exciting world of Android applications. sleek and unobtrusive design unit stress gray or silver color casing. for the fairer sex, the LG Optimus is available in pink and white. LGs biggest asset is the price, but the access rate of the various rates, packages and start the 500-odd HRK.

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