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What is the basic difference between ZIP and RAR compression programs zipanje, WinZip or WinRAR?

RAR compression slowly compresses the same amount of data than earlier compression algorithms such as ZIP and gzip, but a greater degree of compression

ZIP and RAR are used for compressing and archiving data. Also have the functions of data recovery, if you send to damage. In this seminar the day I review the basic things about the ZIP-and RAR-in. RAR compression slowly compresses the same amount of data than earlier compression algorithms such as ZIP and gzip, but a greater degree of compression. ZIP format for easy archiving, which compresses each file separately. This compression method allows the retrieval of each data without going through other data . Theoretically, it can provide better compression using different algorithms for different data. disadvantage is the fact that the files that contain a number of smaller documents to be significantly higher than it would have been compressed as a single document. ZIP specification indicates that the data can be stored without being compressed and compressed to different compression algorithms, but often uses ZIP Katzs DEFLATE algorithm, except when the data is already compressed or protected and resistant to compression. RAR is a data format that enables archiving, rescuing from error and data compression, and distribution of data into smaller packets of a certain size - engl. file spanning. developed by a Russian expert Eugene Roshal, and software is currently licensed under the name win.rar GmbH. extensions that use the RAR format. zip and archive. rev the rescue of errors. If for example AVI format was broken into smaller pieces that were extensions. zip. R00, R01 ... More about this WinZip and Win RARu read on.

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