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How to get rid of belly?

Excess calories in the body turns to fat, the result of excess fat around the abdomen. But how to get rid of belly?

| excess calories in your body turns to fat, the result of excess fat around the abdomen. But how to get rid of belly? In this case it is not just about food rich in sugar, but the high calorie foods, which are usually carbonated beverages, foods with sauce, fried foods, dairy products containing lactose - milk, yogurt, white bread, chewing gum, candy, cakes, biscuits, pasta, rice, semolina.
Better nutrition and choosing healthy foods will reduce the bloated feeling and prevent new fat deposits. Therefore the first rule is a change in diet. enter the food proteins of animal origin - such as poultry, fish and eggs, green leafy vegetables, radishes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, fresh and dried fruits, dark chocolate, water, black tea, whole grains, but in smaller quantities. second rule is physical activity - exercise.
Physical activity is a major prerequisite for a flat stomach. Many people mistakenly focus only on sit-ups - the This way you will not get to the tile. need to combine various types of training to reach the desired results.
Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and roll and all aerobic exercises should be included in the list of your weekly activities. So all activities that accelerate the heart rate and in which we burn fat. play sports at least two to three times a week for one hour, so the results will not fail.

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