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Music is an art, in the category of music you can find out what all the different kinds of music, classic music, all types of rock music, hip hop music. List of music player, songs and lyrics of the songs.


How to play bass guitar, the best bassists

Interested in how to play bass guitar? On chose the top 25 best bassists of all time. Check out how they play, you may find them among his idols

Interested in how to play bass guitar? Page, select the top 25 best bassists of all time. Check out how they play, you may find them among his idols. Top 25 best bass players of all time: 25 Joseph Lucky Scott
24th Doug Wimbish
23rd Carol Kaye
22nd Mana Gary Mounfield
21st Aston Family Man Barrett
20th Nathan East 19th
Mark King
18th Phil Lynott
Bootsy Collins
17th 16th 15th
Jack Bruce James Jamerson
14th Chris Squire
13th Les Claypool
12th John Paul Jones
Billy Sheehan 11th
10th Paul McCartney
9 Victor Wooten
John Entwistle
8th 7th 6th
Flea Jaco Pastorius
5 Cliff Burton
4 Steve Harris, Paul Gray, 3rd
2 Geddy Lee
first John Myung

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