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Music is an art, in the category of music you can find out what all the different kinds of music, classic music, all types of rock music, hip hop music. List of music player, songs and lyrics of the songs.


Songs about friendship, poems for friends, the best friendly lyrics

I will plant two roses, let them grow, lets hang out! One will give your name, your second name! In a sign of friendship among us, let them flourish for years ....

I will plant two roses, a growing
lets hang out!
One will give your name, your name
In a sign of friendship between Let us
flourish for years ....
Angels exist, but since all have wings, sometimes called the threat, and youre one of them.
If someone asks of us love what we wanted, you Tell them that we were best friends.
If one be alone, abandoned and broken lives, if those tears ran down her face, but in everything razočaraš, I will always be with you because my name is friendless. If you
ever wept bitterly about if you hurt deeply, if you ever shook the soul, if no one listens to you, if ever vrisneš in a dream, call me and Ill be there!
Love is great, but the friendship even more. Love comes and goes but friends stay true! People are lucky chance in life, then share everything together, the river of life carried them away to other people, but their hearts forever end the true friends!
in life may go the other way, you might find a better life, love, happiness, but I know that there will not be such a friend!
No one can make anyone love you. only thing you can do is let to be loved. And its not important what you got in the way of life but who got in the way of life.
Smile when you see me, remain friends. Because nobody knows what we want, because nobody knows what we have ... Our friendship is like a castle made of sand: hard to build a harbor, it is easy to destroy, wonderful update!
Im your friend when they go bad. when they leave and all you look for me, the light in the dark Im your shadow and eternal friend for all times.

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