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Music is an art, in the category of music you can find out what all the different kinds of music, classic music, all types of rock music, hip hop music. List of music player, songs and lyrics of the songs.


How many strings has a harp, playing harp, harp instrument

The harp is the largest and most complex modern instrument with strings that jerk. With its 46-48 strings, harp has

Harp is the largest and most complex modern instrument with strings that jerk. Wires are stretched vertically sided in large part, to make sutp upright on the base, obliquely set and wide resonator on the upper side of the characteristic bent neck of the instrument. The base is located seven pedals, levers through which the pole mechanism acting on the moving wheel of the neck and preŇ°timavaju wires, shortening or extending its length. With its 46-48 strings, harp has - the largest organ and piano ton range of six and a half octaves. Wires are twitches fingers of both hands, while the resonator leans to the right side player, and both legs manage pedals. For ease among a large number of wires, each wire-C is red, and each F-string is blue or black. most common technique of playing the harp arpeggio - lower tones and chords very quickly one after the other, and glissando - crossing his hands over all the wires. the harp can be run just as complex as the music on the piano, while at the same time can play only eight shades as the little finger is not used.

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