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How to form the chest - Chest Exercises for the chest and breasts - breast firming

How to shape your chest, or what is best for breast firming? Here are some examples of exercises for chest and breast.

How to shape your chest, or what is best for breast firming? Here are some examples of exercises for chest and breast. Repeat two or three times, and three times a week. First The basic tension - Exercises for chest, shoulders and triceps Begin in the shuffle with the band "hooked up" under the feet of the rear. Hold the end of the tape in each hand. The arms are bent at the elbow and parallel with the ground, hands in the amount of chest, shoulder blades apart. This is the starting position. Push your hands forward and straighten them at shoulder height (as shown). Hold for a few seconds and then slowly and controlled return to the starting position of your hands so you feel that you are the rib cage expands. Make eight reps. Switch legs and repeat. Second X lifting - Exercise for your back, chest, shoulders, buttocks, legs Stand feet hip-width. Take each strip and with each foot ending one strip. The other end of the lane put the opposite hand so that they cross in front of you. In the initial position of the hands are lowered to the body. Descend into the squat, embracing a bit on the side. Lift and at the same time as flat feet so raise your hands in the air (as shown). Return to the squat and simultaneously lower the arm. Thats one rep, do it 12th Third Rowing with the help of rubber - Exercises for chest, shoulders, back, abdominals, buttocks, legs Stand on left leg, attach the belt around his right foot and hold the ends in both hands. Extend your right leg and arm in front of you. This is the starting position. Bend your arms and pull your elbows backward (as shown). Be careful not to pogrbite forward, keep your back straight and shoulders down and back. Slowly return arms to starting position, keeping the legs stretched out. Make eight reps. Switch legs and repeat. 4th Full Circle - Exercises for chest, shoulders, triceps Start in the position of women pushups (on knees), hands wide apart. In a fluid, circular motion, move the weight on his right hand (as shown), down to the floor and then move the weight on his left arm and then lift the initial, upper central position. Make four repetitions and then switch direction - the first drop on the left side and move the weight on his right hand and raise it. So make four repetitions. 5th Skids - Exercises for chest, shoulders, back, abdominals Take the position for pushups, the palms just below the shoulders and laid on paper or plastic saucers (carpet) or a small towel or cloth (on the floor or tiles). Holding hands outstretched Slide them slowly in front of the V-shaped and thus lower the chest towards the floor (as shown). Slowly lower it to the ground, which is slow as possible. On the ground, relax for two seconds, then bend your arms, put his hands under the shoulders and lift it. Make eight reps. 6th Ski pose - Exercises for your back, shoulders, triceps Hold the bar with your feet hip-width apart, holding the bar ends in each hand. With your hands on your body stand in a squat, and the upper body leans slightly forward, keeping your back straight. Pull the strap behind her, his hands outstretched, clasping blades toward each other and stretching the chest (as shown). Slowly relax your hands down. Thats one rep, eight to 12 7th Start bust - Exercise for your back, shoulders, side abdominal muscles Make a lateral step, right leg is bent forward and right foot turned outwards. Put one end of the tape under the right foot. Bend at the waist so your chest over the right thigh and spread both hands (to be parallel with the ground. In one fluid motion pull the bar up and back, diagonally across the body, and simultaneously lift and rotate the torso to the left (as shown in the figure). Slowly return to starting position. Do ten repetitions, then repeat the same on the opposite side. 8th Special pyramid - Exercise for your back, chest, shoulders, triceps Start with inverted V position - hands and feet on the ground, butt up in the air. Lower left forearm on the ground, then lower the right arm (as shown). Then, straighten your left elbow, then right and so return to the inverted V position. Thats one rep, do the four of them, and then repeat in reverse order - first get down on his right forearm, and then to the left and back to starting position. And on this side of repeat four times.

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