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Types of Drugs

The most popular drugs are: marijuana, hashish, heroin, Ecstasy, LSD, cocaine ...

Distribution of drugs - cannabis products, opiates, psychostimulants, hallucinogens psihodepresori-Inhalants- In many countries the problem of drugs very highly, if not first, position in the list of priorities embroidered with national security and health of the nation. Drug abuse, disease and drug addiction as a result of its affecting all social classes, community and all zemlje.Zlouporabu drug monitoring and infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases. I lifestyle drug usually leads to a general weakening of the organism, and the mortality rate among addicts of psychoactive drugs is greater than in the general population of same age. The causes and reasons are different manifestations of addiction, and often referred to various problems in society such as poverty, unemployment, prostitution, delinquency, crime, homelessness, etc. It should be noted that the problem of dependency is represented in richer dru┼ítvima.Marihuana a six-month preparation plant cannabis (Indian hemp) that thrives in conditions of moderate or tropical climates. It is also grown in greenhouses, on balconies or in apartments with the help of UV radiation. At the end of their stage of development the plant has the shape of the bush, 2.5 m high After they mature, usable plant parts are dried, pressed and small to preserve the quality and convenience of transport. Such a product appears on the dealer market. The product that has a navy, green or gray are usually packaged in foil, nylon, a box of matches ... Hashish is a preparation which is made in processing the most active components of marijuana. The street market appears in various forms, most commonly as Plastesex mass that looks most reminiscent of the dice or a ball of chocolate (light or dark brown). Heroin is a derivative of morphine, which is obtained from the opium poppy plant. The plant is very similar to the red macula. From this plant are released drops of white mucus (opium). Opium is drying hardens and changes color from brown to black. Then the distillation translates into morphine and then heroin. Pure heroin is a white powder is very fine crystals. The market appears from light to dark brown or reddish (codeine), depending on the substances that are added to pure heroinu.Ecstasy is a synthetic drug and belongs to the psychostimulant. The market appears in different shapes, colors and symbols on it. The tablets are consumed with large amounts of fluid at parties and discotheques. The first noticeable symptoms are consuming: an accelerated heart rate, sweaty palms, blushing and glow in her eyes. The person who took Ecstasy is becoming stronger and apparently it seems that all bursting with energy. When the body consumes as much energy would be spent by 70 sati.LSD belongs to the hallucinogenic drug. It is produced by polusineti─Źkim from Lysergic Acid. It is a white powder with no taste and odor and is easily fusible in all liquids. The street market is delivered on a piece of paper, no larger than fingernail. It simply melts in your mouth or in water, tea, coffee. These are pieces of paper painted with different motifs, which symbolize the mode of action of LSD. The main feature of LSD is that it distorts the sense of producing a vision of reality, illusion and halucinacije.Kokain cream is concentrated cocaine, which is obtained from the coca plant. It is a bush plant layout, the maximum height of 3m.Uzgaja in the northern part of South America (Colombia). Processing rate of the coca plant products from whitish to yellow-brown color. Pure cocaine is a very fine white powder crystals. As such it can not be found in our market because its price is extremely high. The street market is packed in a latex-rubber, pill capsules, foil, cellophane, paper ... In only a few consecutive cocaine and leads to psychological dependence.

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