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The practice so far not occurred difficulties and complications of pregnancy resulting IVF and the women gave birth and all the others.

Why bother with IVF? Since sterility, according to research, suffers as much as 15 percent of married couples, and the culprits for they are both women and men. If the pregnancy does not occur in a year of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse, couples should contact lije─Źniku.Nije rule, but the artificial insemination of multiple pregnancy is higher than normal ovulation and more likely to bring forth twins or trojke.Kad the word vantjelesnoj of fertilization usually refers to medically assisted reproduction. Expert called in vitro fertilization, or, as the popular saying goes, a child from the tube, fertilization outside the womans body. The egg from the ovary is separated women, placed in a particular medium and is connected with the sperm. The current practice is not occurring difficulties and complications of pregnancy resulting artificial insemination and the women gave birth and all the others. comparing it with those of a normal sexual relationship. During unprotected sex for the possibility of pregnancy iznozi 15 to 20 percent per cycle. Artificial insemination increases the possibility of ten percent. The reason for this is the precise timing: egg and sperm come together in the most favorable moment. However, mothers age is of paramount importance: while the 30-year-old still has a 34 percent chance of a successful artificial insemination, the percentage in the case of 45-year old is only 12 percent.

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