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Mallow tea

Enriched medicinal ingredients of the fruit of anise and thyme, mallow tea is effective when the mucous membrane of the throat and airways irritated and inflamed ...

List Marshmallow and Marshmallow root and flower of mallow its content is used to relieve irritation and coughing mucous membrane lining the protective layer of mucus. The fruit of anise stimulates the production of mucus and restores natural lubricating mucous and coughing helps umirivanju thyme and action that relaxes bronchial muscles. Enriched with healing ingredients of the fruit of anise and thyme, mallow tea is effective when the lining of the throat and airways irritated and inflamed, and appears annoying dry cough, which is an additional irritant. Mallow tea can be drunk and pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. Especially recommended for people irritated lining of the mouth and throat (eg, smokers and workers exposed to large quantities of dust). Preparation: 1 teaspoon of mixture pour 2 dl of boiling water, leave for half an hour and strain. Zasladuje be desired. It can be drunk several times daily a warm tea. It is good to use Finishing honey.

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