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Preparing for a colonoscopy

Irregular diet, excessive stress, poor quality of food, lack of movement and physical activity often result in lazy bowel, which is much needed for the discharge of more than 12 - 24 hours.

Colonoscopy and gastroscopy dijagnostickoterapijski procedure that allows a specialist endoscopists (internists or surgeons) to examine the colon mucosa crijeva.Da colonoscopy done to the colon must be empty. Preparation can be done in 2 ways. Cleaning apparatus with the help of colon hydrotherapy after which the search should be done immediately because it will meet again starting peristalsis of the colon if you wait too long to review. Preparation can be done and cleaning with cleaners and dietary regime during the last 3 days prior to the examination of older patients, diabetics and quite exhausting and difficult way of preparation. It should be noted that the doctor before the examination is taking medications, especially when it comes to diabetics and patients who took or take medications that slow blood clotting. Other common treatment is not necessary to interrupt. Good preparation of the patient and resourceful endoscopists are essential factors for a quality result.

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