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The most common cause of whiplash injuries formation of traffic accidents: car crash, fall motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, the faster the boat accident, whiplash injury is more likely ...

less frequent causes are: Martial Arts, Fight, leap headlong into the water or on the bottom of the stroke, inattention at work, emergency braking trams. Doubts about the possibility that vertebral fractures and / or distortion kraljeÅūnickog supporting soft tissues must be placed on the scene in these cases: when any head injury, with no consciousness or awareness, in any collision in traffic, falling on his head, with headache , pain in the neck and shoulders, muscle tension and stiffness; neck / neck, forced position and limitation of motion of the head, the dizziness, dizziness or nausea, outage of sensation or muscle strength of arm or leg, tingling in them. There is an extremely rare strain of cervical spine. It is remarkable that the listed symptoms occur less frequently now, and more often after several hours or one day. The diagnosis that is just about trzajnoj injury may be placed within another four weeks, later to be associated with more severe injuries to prove it. In the most common damage the soft tissue leads to the formation of permanent scars in the ligaments, muscles, discs, and gradually to the creation of degenerative changes, so do not tell you whether they are a result of trauma or are very common, primarily a degenerative disease. For medical diagnosis and evaluation of artificial important is team work of experts of various branches, but the most important findings, although not decisive.

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