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Muscle spasm

Spasm motor dysfunction is characterized by increased muscle tone (especially antigravity muscle groups) with the slower movements and a tendency to contractures ...

is the result of disease or damage to corticospinal (pyramidal) tract of the central nervous system, which is responsible for our voluntary motor function. Spasm is characterized by elastic resistance to passive stretching, and after cessation of stretching the body part that we stretch back to the initial tone položaj.Mišicni the basic muscle tension, which still exists but with different intensity. Thus, the muscle tone to distinguish when we do something or when you are resting or sleeping. Also affecting the muscle tone of optical stimuli and auditativna and emotional states. Some emotions can cause a rise in tone, like anger and rage, and sorrow, sadness and similar muscle tone smanjuju.Hipertonija a state of increased muscle tone that occurs as a result of damage or disease of the central neurons. If it is the depletion of extrapyramidal times, then comes to increasing muscle tone known as rigor.Povecan muscle tone, which is a consequence of lesions of the pyramidal time is known as spasm.

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