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Sciatica Therapy

Križobolja no specific disease but a symptom that can be caused by a variety of acute and chronic processes in the supine and may be a reflection process in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis when the pain from these areas is reflected in the lower back ...

may be acute, when the pain within the last three months and chronic when lasting longer. In most cases home, a quart of increased physical activity and pain medications are sufficient to solve the problem for several weeks. However, if after 72 hours no interference subsides, it is necessary to seek medical attention. Surgical intervention is rarely needed. Sciatica is a severe, consuming pain in back of the leg with possible tingling in your leg or foot. It can occur and weakness in the leg, particularly the feet so that it can not fit on the fingers or thumb, and pull the foot toward you. Usually occurs when the nerve Sciatic nerve is pressed herniation diska.Anatomija man is a special area of ​​anatomy that studies the structures and systems of organs in the human body, leaving the tissue histology and cytology cells.

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