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The thigh bone (femur lat) or thigh bone is the longest and strongest bone in the human body ...

femur is the only bone in the upper thigh and is located between the hip joint (Latin articulatio coxae) and knee (Lat. articulatio genus). The thigh bone is composed of: - The upper end of which constitute the head of the femur (Lat. caput femoris), a rotator (Lat. trochanter major) and a small rotator (Lat. trochanter minor). - Neck of femur (Lat. Collum femoris) connects the hull (Lat. corpus femoris ) with the upper part of the femur, the lower end of the femur is sploŇ°ten and thicker than the upper, medial and ending wrist (Lat. condylus medialis) and lateral wrist (Lat. condylus lateralis) between which are located behind meduzglavcana pits (Lat. fossa intercondylaris ). With the start of femur: bellied calf muscles (Lat. musculus gastrocnemius) and the three heads cetveroglavog thigh muscle (vastus lateralis Latin, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius). The thigh bone is captured: - muscle tensioning broad fascia (Lat. musculus tensor fasciae latae) - middle gluteus (Lat. musculus gluteus medius) - the smallest gluteus (Lat. musculus gluteus minimus) - Gluteus maximus muscle (Lat. musculus gluteus maximus) - bocnoslabinski muscle (Lat. musculus iliopsoas).

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