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Depression Symptoms

Basic features of depression are lowered, depressed mood, loss of feelings of pleasure, loss of strength and energy ...

Depression is a disease that causes disturbances in emotional, and physical sphere of the individual. Most people over a lifetime experience sad mood. Stressful events such as death in the family or financial problems can be a cause for depression, and sometimes people feel depressed for no clear reason. In true depression should be suspected when a person constantly feel sad every day during the period of two weeks or longer and when nothing more can razveseliti.Depresivni patients are poor mood, sad, lethargic and tired intensified. Depression can also manifest indifference, bezidejnošcu, apathy, loss of cool, but in some cases heightened tension, restlessness and irritability. Also, depression can interfere with basic body functions, and is manifest sleep disturbance, decreased appetite or power, inertia, restlessness, weakness, isrpljenošcu, loss of concentration and zaboravljivošcu.

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