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Cream for sunburn

When the burn subside and disappear, remove dead skin cells. This can be done with an alpha hydroxy acid ....

ounces can cause severe burns and can cause skin cancer. In the event of severe burns, there are several tricks to relieve burns and prevent peeling after Burns sold, says Cosmopolitan. Aspirin or Ibuprofen drugs operate by calming inflammation, which means that relieves irritation and redness, which is the first reaction of the body burns. Tablets should be taken within 24 hours of receiving burns. Otherwise, shingles can cause long-term oštecenja.HidratacijaLosion antipyretic mix with additives such as aloe vera and soy. This combination will reduce the dryness. Burns will eventually calm down and if they are sufficiently and regularly does not wet, there will be flakes kože.Krema for suncanjeKremom tanning prevents further formation of burns, and it also moisturizes the skin. The skin also can recover. Regular use of sunscreens may reduce the risk of getting cancer. The cream should have a minimum factor of 15th Removal of dead calm stanicaKada to burn and disappear, remove dead skin cells. This can be done with an alpha hydroxy acid. Do this twice a week and by month. It will stimulate formation of new healthy cells and to remove dead skin that looks dirty and pjegasto.Retinol kremaSunce destroys collagen, a substance that makes skin elastic. Retinol (vitamin A derivative) encourages the formation of collagen. After the burns healed, retinol cream should be rebuild collagen.

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