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Viral pneumonia Viral

(atypical) pneumonia is commonly caused by influenza viruses or hantaviruses. Atypical pneumonia have gained such a name because the clinical picture somewhat different from typical. Their causes of viruses, fungi, intracellular microorganisms.

gripoznim symptoms are similar, and cough typically is dry. Radiological findings showed soft, breathable changes, often bilaterally, and is crucial in making the diagnosis. It causes muscle pain, fatigue, fever and productive cough (nothing is not expelled during coughing). Some of the atypical pneumonia, such as those caused by chlamydia (which carry the birds) and Legionella (usually from contaminated sites air-rack) are very serious diseases. In general, agents do not only attack the lungs, but there are symptoms of inflammation of other organs (liver, kidneys, brain). This condition is very difficult and usually requires intensive hospital treatment. If, on the basis of symptoms and findings of suspected atypical pneumonia, antibiotics are prescribed different than the typical. Treatment is longer than the typical duration of at least two weeks.

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