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Lung Adenocarcinoma

Lung Adenocarcinoma develops in the mucous glands of the lungs. There are four different subsets: acinarna, papillary, bronchioles, alveolar, solid scraps that produce mucin.

This is the most common type of lung cancer in women and in people who have not smoked. More than 70% of the cancer is located peripherally. This is the most common cellular type associated with peripheral scar cancers. They are usually solid, but can be soft and mucinous depending on the composition and the presence of histopathological dezmoplazije or scarring. Growth below or the visceral pleura, occasionally can be spread outside the pleura (pseudomezotelijalni carcinomas). The characteristic of the formation of gland adenocarcinoma with malignant cells arranged around a central lumen. Glandular Lumens can vary in size and shape and are often surrounded dezmoplasticnom stroma or, in some cases, pre-existing scar infiltrate. Well-differentiated tumors showed abundant formation of glands or acini, whereas moderately and poorly differentiated tumors showed a relatively more solid areas of tumors and less glandular structures. The least differentiated tumors are composed of solid nests of malignant cells or panels that are not classified as large cell carcinoma or poorly differentiated carcinoma nemikrocelijski only because intracitoplazmatskog mucins. The degree of cytologic atypia is usually higher in poor diferenicranih tumors. People with adenocarcinoma often suffer from inflamed and have an increased tendency toward trombocitozi.Bronhioalveolarni cancers are well differentiated subtype of lung adenocarcinoma. Histopathologically characterized the growth of malignant cells along intact alveolar septa. They can be divided into at least two types, mucinous and nonmucinous ones, based on histopathological criteria. Nonmucinous ones type shows Clara cell differentiation / type II pneumocytes, and mucinous type showing metaplastic differentiation bronhiolarnih mucosal cells. Bronhioalveolarni carcinomas are usually located on the periphery of the lungs and are often subpleuralni, although about 10% can be centrally localized. They can be fixed, if they are associated with scarring or dezmoplasticnom reaction, mucinous or, if they are associated with significant production of mucins. Tumors may be solitary or multiple. Histopathologically, type nonmucinous ones consisting of kuboidalnih to stubicastih hiperhromaticnim cells with nuclei or vesicular nuclei with prominent nucleoli depicting intact alveolar septa, which often show mild to moderate interstitial fibrosis and chronic inflammatory infiltrate. Bronhioalveolarni mucinous carcinoma is composed of uniform, high, stubicastih cells with abundant apical mucin and mild, deeply split, basal alveolar septa illustrative nucleoli that typically appear as normal and have mild fibrosis and inflammation that often in sight nemucinoznog type. Type nonmucinous ones have the tendency to form solitary lesions with 52 to 72% five year survival. Mucinous type tends to create multiple or diffuse lesions with 19-26 percent five-year survival rate. Lung metastases from colon, breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and other locales, can grow along the alveolar septa and imitate bronhioalveolarni cancer.

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