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The diet of bananas

The diet of bananas is effective and, very importantly, during the child does not feel hunger. With this diet you can lose weight in three days two pounds, and if it extend to 7 days - you can lose two pounds.

The day will consume between 800 and 1000 calories, dietary regimen is easy to follow, a few disclaimers. Therefore, a diet of bananas is very enjoyable. It is divided into five meals, why is feeling less hungry. After seven days of dieting can be extended for 7 days. MONDAY Breakfast: banana smoothie (banana in a glass of milk), a cup of tea Morning snack: juice of one grapefruit, small banana Lunch: yogurt with four teaspoons of cereal (muesli), lower banana Afternoon snack: fruit yogurt Dinner: a plate of spinach, 100 g of cottage cheese, slice of bread punozrnatog (eg, a small land full grain). TUESDAY Breakfast: banana smoothie, a cup of tea Lunch: cereal with milk, small banana Dinner: hard-boiled egg, a piece punozrnatog bread, fruit salad with a banana and two pieces of pineapple. WEDNESDAY Lunch: Mixed salad with tuna, three crisp bread (toasted golden), lower banana Dinner: a plate of spinach, punozrnatog piece of bread, a slice of mozzarella the size of an egg If you want to extend a diet for an additional 4 days, add her bread and pasta, where the menus, add another 200 calories to be balanced. In the next four days you can still lose weight 2 pounds, so all together in seven days 4 pounds. THURSDAY Breakfast: banana smoothie with almonds (mix the banana, a glass of milk and a little almond jedaraca), a cup of tea Lunch: 120 g sautéed cod with a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon, salad of arugula and radica, small banana Afternoon snack: fruit yogurt with less fat and sugar Dinner: 60 g of pasta with fresh paradižnikom and basilica, korenckova salad, flavored with a drop of oil and lemon, apple or peach FRIDAY Breakfast: banana smoothie with almonds, a cup of tea Lunch: 100 g of turkey ham, roasted peppers with olive oil and lemon, banana less Dinner: rice with peppers, salad of fresh tomatoes, seasoned with a few drops of olive oil SATURDAY Lunch: 120 g chicken thighs, roasted peppers with olive oil and lemon, banana less Dinner: pasta with prawns, sautéed zucchini, a bowl of cherries SUNDAY Lunch: 120 g turkey thighs, roasted to spoon of olive oil, mixed salad, small banana Dinner: Spaghetti with Radic, roasted eggplant, apple TIPS: To get the child had better not eat after 18 hours. There, where you have a yogurt for lunch and a banana, you can prepare so-called vitamin bomb. The dish pour yogurt (plain or liquid) and insert it into rings sliced ​​bananas, and if it is on the menu, you can add and cereals. Otherwise it is best to follow the diet, but if it does not you can use the superseding foods. If you do not like spinach, chard, you can replace it. Instead of grapefruit juice and lemonade you can drink without sugar, if desired sweetened by artificial sweeteners. Instead, you can prepare cod hake (mol), grouper or gilthead (mosquitoes). Instead you can eat fresh cherries and cherry kompotod, but choose one with less sugar, and before eating, rinse well with water cherry, to remove most of the sweet juice. Instead you can use eggplant zucchini. Tuna salad with pasta do not prepare, but if you want, add a little pasta, just enough to decorate a small salad. Also do not put the salad in sour cream, mayonnaise and certainly do not. Instead of risotto with prawns you can eat risotto with seafood. Instead Racica however you can use cheaper fish sticks flavored with crab.

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