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How to reduce appetite

Whatever spent diet to lose excess pounds, you have to deal with hunger and desire to eat. There are many strategies that help reduce feelings of hunger ...

There are many strategies that help reduce feelings of hunger, such as taking plenty of fluids, importing larger amounts of foods rich in fiber, avoiding refined carbohydrates, sunbathing, but there is absolutely nothing that could eliminate hunger. Theres nothing wrong with feeling hungry from time to time, it is a normal response to reduced caloric intake, an accident is that many can not resist the feeling, not realizing that this is a signal of hunger usually false and that their body is just a signal that there is not enough calories to add new fat fat depots. However, the feeling of hunger wins each logical thinking. It is fortunate that there are foods for the immediate shutdown of appetite, ie, giving the feeling that the stomach is full of nuts, but in fact these foods do not contain many calories. Water - if you drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes disciplined, you will feel that feeling of hunger is drastically reduced. Another strategy is to eat green vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, kale, broccoli. Lettuce has so few calories that they were not even counted it up and can eat in unlimited kolicinama.3. Eat apples, when you feel hungry you can take the highest possible apple and eat it without any consequences for the child. In the moments when you feel hungry, the easiest is to retrieve a bag of chips or other snacks for a moment allowing you to enter the 1000 calories, which is roughly half of your daily caloric needs, but you can hardly enter a 1000 calorie eating apples. Apple mint stop hunger because they are rich in vegetable fibers that fill the belly and quickly reverses the condition of hormones that control appetite before you overeat. Bananas, especially, contain substances that regulate digestion. However, unlike other namirica that they also contain (eg muesli or nuts), characterized by a banana low fat. In 100 grams of banana has only 0.5% fat, which is about 80 times less than the average percentage of fat in the hamburger. Bananas, however, currently creates a feeling of satiety, and is ideal for keeping baby foods. The average banana contains only 90 calories.

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