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How to lose weight in a week

More efficient way to lose weight - just a week. Check this ...

The approach first First Find free radical diet that is now a hit, for example, a diet with biscuits, slimming drinks or juices from the grapefruit and spend a week. Second Every day, go to the gym, lift weights, do pushups, run the bar and finish the exercise with a hundred sit-ups. Third Drink two bottles of flavored and run for an hour a day. 4th Take pills with the addition of apple cider vinegar. 5th For breakfast, drink two cups of coffee and eat low-fat croissant. 6th Eat only three small meals and dinner should not be beyond 18 h. 7th If you exceed 800 calories a day, the fine is ten-minute long cold shower. Access 2 Eat strong and stout breakfast every day. Breakfast is needed to stimulate the metabolism after a night of sleep. Do not count calories. Eat protein, fruits and vegetables as you want. And drink plenty of fluids. Walk, run, biciklirajte, roll or swim at least half an hour. Hide the scale in house and not weighing two weeks. Eat five small meals a day and do not starve for a long time. If youre hungry, eat. Wear something healthy for a snack when you leave the house. If you are hungry between regular meals, biting food you brought. Do not set a goal in mind the number of pounds that you have downloaded. Center yourself on healthy eating habits and physical activity. Above all, be persistent and patient. Millions of people successfully lose weight, because its not about nuclear physics or the lottery.

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