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Brain stem

Brain stem has three main parts: the prolonged marrow (medulla oblongata), bridge (pons) and midbrain (midbrain) ...

The brain consists of three basic parts, significantly different appearances and sizes: 1 brain stem (trunk encephalicus) 2 small brain (cerebellum) 3 large brain (cerebrum), brain stem has three main parts: the prolonged marrow (medulla oblongata), bridge (pons) and midbrain (midbrain). And the big brain is easy to see the two main parts: a small medumozak (diencephalon) in the central position and the final huge brain (telencephalon). Traces characteristic of all three parts of the brain is the existence of the gray matter (substantia aqueduct) and white matter (substantia alba). Gray matter such as bark (cortex) covers an area of ​​large and small brain (white matter and in depth), in the brainstem gray matter ibijela were mixed, while in spinal cord gray matter only in depth, and the entire surface of the white substance is formed . large surfaces and cerebellum are pleated, and some parts of the convex surfaces separated by shallow grooves (Sulc) and deeper cracks fissures (fissurae). Gutters separate convolutions (gyri) and a large cerebellum, while the cracks separating lobes (lobby) and lobules (lobule) great imalog mozga.Peto fundamental brain feature built - the existence of internal cavities connected narrow channels. It is a system of ventricles (ventriculi cerebri), filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Such has four chambers: the first and second are located deep in the cerebral hemispheres (lateral ventricle), the third is a narrow crack that separates the left and right medumozak and fourth chambers are presented as voids between the cerebellum and brain stem.

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