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Shot in the breast

The cause of a blocked milk is anything that prevents efficient emptying of the mammary glands and channels ...

jam caused by a clogged milk Milky discharge channel and insufficient milk can be felt as painful, sensitive, hard lump in the breast. From the outside, from the root of the machine must breast, skin hot and red. UzrociUzrok blocked milk is anything that prevents efficient emptying of the mammary glands and channels: an abnormal position on the chest, why not empty the breast effectively, * breastfeeds scheduled, missed or shortened feedings, for example, because the baby started to sleep all night, or the mother began to work, or baby teeth come out, so there is no will for breastfeeding, cracked nipples that are painful, and pain due to mothers avoid certain positions when breastfeeding, abruptly quitting the child from the breast, the breast stroke * ...

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