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Hip Fracture

The incidence of hip fractures in the traumatology overall 10% of all fractures are subject to the turn of the women are more likely than men (80: 20%).

femur fractures have become now so common, particularly in older age groups, and individuals to take more than 25% of orthopedic beds in hospitals. Mortality is very high for hip fracture, and only less than half of the injured person after the surgery becomes mobile again. The risk for wrist fractures in women aged 70 years is about 20%. Studies have also shown that women of that age in about 25% of cases have at least one fractured vertebrae, and all the women at the age of 80 years, according to predictions, might have fractured kraljeĆĄka.U males the incidence of such fractures significantly lower. Bone fractures in the elderly, in addition to posing a risk to survival due to complications, lead to substantial material cost. Fractured neck of femur is one of the most important chapters of modern traumatology of the lower extremities characteristic of older age.

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