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Diseases of the Scalp

Diseases vlasištaSeboroicni dermatitis does not cause hair loss. The treatment of changes in the scalp daily using baby shampoos ..

seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic skin inflammation that occurs in areas where sebaceous glands are the largest and densest. This area of ​​skin called seborrheic areas. This includes the scalp and eyebrows, facial skin especially in the area between the nose and mouth, between the mouth and chin, the central parts of the chest, back, especially between the shoulder blades, the skin around the navel, groin area and the area anusa.Seboroicni dermatitis does not cause hair loss. The treatment of changes in the scalp daily using baby shampoo, a thick shell is removed successfully by using salicylic acid in olive oil. Wash your scalp daily until shells are gone. On the scalp, but also on other body parts are applied corticosteroid creams and lotions, but for short periods. Not recommended to use soap as they have irritating the skin.

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