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The delay period

Periods, resp. menstruation (menarche Latin) name for bleeding from the uterus, which usually begins between the 12th and 14 Symbolizes the beginning of menstruation and fertility beginning a new period in her life.

symbolizes the beginning of menstruation and fertility beginning a new period in her life. Menstruation lasts for 3-7 days, and bleeding the first few days as a rule, more intensely, and later subsided. At first the girl mentruacije mostly irregular, sometimes sparse, sometimes abound - but everything is normal. Any delay in your period does not necessarily mean that it is about pregnancy, especially if cycles are not regular and otherwise. When young, sexually active women, if menstruation is delayed, the first pregnancy was really what to think and to exclude it. The first thing you can do for yourself is to create one from home pregnancy tests (available free in pharmacies) from the first morning urine. Todays tests are quite reliable and responsive, if menstruation is late already, and 1 day. For greater security to do the test the first urine (concentration of hormone present during pregnancy was then the largest). If the test is positive then it is very likely in the pregnancy. If the result is negative then the pregnancy is probably not a disorder but a missed menstrual cycle and ovulation in the preceding menstrual cycle. As a result of lack of ovulation or menstruation can uranite or late. It should be done gynecological examination and ultrasound examination, and if it is confirmed prescribe hormone pills to regulate cycles during typically 5 days. A few days after stopping the pill to bleeding such as menstruation.

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