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Menopause in women

It is absurd to menopause in the media, even in the medical profession, as a disease and disorder, which is totally irrational, but fear is generating profitable

Menopause is a sign of maturity and a new productive period in the life of a woman waits, and the average life women, one might say that it happens somewhere in the middle of her career. Opposition to the biological changes leading to emotional and mental problems, and acceptance leads to freedom, I was Zlatko Pejic, an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal ekologije.On claims that it can learn to live happily and healthily. However, we must calculate with partners in the pursuit, and its immediate and extended environment. But what is important, if the immediate and distant environment, the key unknown factor that awaits us on the contrary, what we carry in themselves may not be nepoznanica.Isto so, there is a danger that if we are to live happily and healthily obsession or mere desire can come to mental burdens and disappointments. We did important work on this day that you feel better to create individual protocols, as is our goal, happiness and health, individual categories.

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