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Hazard tanning

Definitely there should be some legislation that young people of 18 would not allow use of tanning ...

The resident of the doctors profession cheering this decision for years, and the Government has finally listened, thanks to the latest report which shows that solariums were responsible for 100 deaths and 370 new cases of malignant skin tumors per year in England and that those rays from tanning beds exposing youth to have 75 percent more likely to develop skin cancer in the future. This is why many in Croatia wonder why no such initiatives in our region. Minors Croat daily raids across our beautiful solarium and there is no law that will forbid them to his young, yet very sensitive skin exposed to UV rays that could one day might stand života.S consequences of ultraviolet rays which are Croats without thinking often exhibited in the solarium Professor encounters. Ph.D.. Situm, Head of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, University Hospital Sisters of Mercy. She agrees with many dermatologists that such legislation should be enacted immediately, and with us. - Definitely there should be some legislation that young people of 18 would not permit the use of tanning beds. All experts were against the idea that man is excessive and unprotected exposed to ultraviolet rays, especially when it comes to young people from 18

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