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Pain in shoulders

According to the European Agency for Health and sugurnost at Work (EU-OSHA), Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common health problems associated with work in EU countries.

Statistics show that between 50 and 60 percent lost work days associated with this particular disorder. Thus 25 percent of European workers complain of backache and 23 percent of them have problems with sore muscles. Many of them are caused by irregular and awkward static hold and repeating the movement, as it happens for example during typing on computer keyboard. For example, 62 percent of European workers a quarter of their working time spent on repetitive movements rukom.Dok once Musculoskeletal disorders were mainly restricted to people who are sitting for the typewriter, like a typist, and today, and other health problems have much larger populations that day on the job more hours of computer use. Long term daily use of the computer causes a series of health problems that are collectively known as Compjuter Related Injuries (CRI). Today, more than two-thirds of occupational injuries in the developed world, ranked in the CRI. One of the most common disorders is kapalnog tunnel syndrome, caused by excessive tapping on the computer keyboard. Therefore, when typing should take into account that the pressure on the joints of the keyboard are not leaning or bent.

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