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Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal using different methods are minor surgery, or a combination of several methods and procedures, depending on the size and depth of tattoos ...

Tattooing is the method by which the dye or pigment enters the deep layers of the skin. After changing aesthetic attitudes in life, or fashion, come to order their removal. For the removal of tattoos using various methods minor surgery, or in combination of several methods and procedures, depending on the size and depth of tattoos. If it is a smaller area is used excision with direct closure of the wound after the removal, or by means of flaps. For larger areas, the technique by which a layer of skin is removed with a special knife (Tiersch). Small surgical procedure usually performed under local anesthesia as outpatients. The postoperative course was needed changing. Stitches are removed depending on location, for 5-8 days of treatment.

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