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Operation Mole

The main method for removing moles is surgical removal can be done by a plastic surgeon. The procedure is brief and painless ...

Although most moles quite harmless, everyone is advised that regular checks by a dermatologist, and it at least once a year. If it is determined that a mole is dangerous, it is necessary to surgically remove, but many people opt for removal of moles and for aesthetic reasons (especially if the mole is on the face) or inconvenient locations of moles. The main method for removing moles is surgical removal can be done by a plastic surgeon. The procedure is brief and painless. When surgery is a mole removed in its entirety, and can be done and histological analysis. Mole can be removed and burned or electricity zaledivanjem, but these methods destroy the mole just above the skin, while the root remains under the skin. How can you tell if an important operation to remove a mole? Signs that indicate the change in size or color of moles, changes in the shape and size changes of moles (scaling, damping, etc.). Also, other signs are changes in the surrounding skin, such as the appearance of redness or change in sensation (if a mole becomes sensitive to touch or painful). Of course, some of these signs may occur due to trivial reasons, but in this case it is important to do preventive examination. Review is important because it can not be determined with certainty who will become a malignant mole. Greater risk of malignant melanoma are persons who are already reported in melanoma families, people who have already operated on, people with atypical moles, fair-skinned persons, and persons who have often suffered severe sun burn. With regular preventive examination by a dermatologist, an essential and self-examination during the year, that each person has to do with the larger number of moles.

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