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Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery

Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery instead of the classical surgical incision of about 15 - 20 cm is performed through a 3 out of 4 bites diameter 0.5 to 1 cm, without incision of the anterior abdominal wall.

For the derivation of these technologically dependent procedure is necessary to having laparoscopic equipment consists of a pole laparoscopic and laparoscopic instruments. The components are the pillars of the monitor for the operator and assistants, cameras, electrosurgical units, insuflator gas bottle or from a central power supply, pump irrigation and insufflation, and the tripod on which are placed all the pieces laparoscopic stairs. Laproskopski instruments are special instruments that are different from ordinary surgical elements, because they are adapted to the length and shape of the work through a tube. The surgery is performed by the patient under general anesthesia at the appropriate position. The patient is introduced through the navel of a thin needle (Veress), which is passed through a gas (usually CO2), which may be in a certain temperature and humidity. Gas in the stomach has a duty to raise the anterior abdominal wall and thus create a workspace, is essential for further surgical operation. After reaching the working pressure of 12-14 mmHg, introduced the tube through which the telescope is introduced - laparoscope is connected to the camera and monitor. Then introduce the remaining cannula through which working instruments are placed, by which the surgeon frees the artery and the flow of gall bladder, which is then ligated. After surgery the patient several hours later can get up and start with the intake of fluids and light food, and left the hospital the same day or next day. Activities of the patient depends on how he feels. It is recommended that early activation of the walk. The day after surgery can remove the bandage and the patient can take a shower. A check is usually schedule a week after surgery. After laparoscopic gall bladder surgery patient returns to work after 7 days, as opposed to the classical operation, where that period is 4-6 weeks. After laparoscopic surgery are present minimal postoperative pain, faster recovery and aesthetic effect is dominant, because there is 15 cm of a long scar. Operational risk is smaller than a conventional surgery. Numerous studies have shown that the number of complications is extremely low, and if complications arise, they are easily solvable.

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