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Cigarette Addiction

Most smokers recognize the harmfulness of tobacco and expressed a desire to stop smoking, and nearly 35 million of them a year and really trying to quit smoking ...

Most smokers use tobacco regularly because they are addicted to nicotine. Addiction is described as a compulsive need to use drugs, despite the negative consequences that the enjoyment of these substances can leave the health and smoking definitely fall into this definition. Most smokers recognize the harmfulness of tobacco and expressed a desire to stop smoking, and nearly 35 million of them a year and really trying to quit smoking. However, less than 7% of those who quit smoking manage to abstain for more than a year - most return to smoking within a few days ... Apart from the fact that nicotine is addictive, the reason for this are other factors: easy availability of tobacco products, the absence (or presence of only a small number), legal and social consequences of smoking, and sophisticated marketing methods used by tobacco manufacturers. Results of recent studies showing a very detailed manner of action of nicotine on the brain. The key to explaining the intoxicating effects of nicotine is the knowledge that nicotine activates the brain that are responsible for the feeling of satisfaction. Chemicals in the brain important for the awakening of desire for drugs is the neurotransmitter called domapin, and studies have shown that nicotine increases dopamine levels in the centers for the sense of satisfaction in the brain. Pharmacokinetic properties of nicotine may also affect its potential to create addiction: smoking causes a great rush of nicotine to the brain, where its highest concentration of about 10 seconds after inhalation. However, after only a few minutes the concentration of nicotine in the sense centers in the brain begins to decline, which makes smokers to light cigarettes, to provide sufficient amounts of nicotine in the brain throughout the day. People often do not realize that the cigarette is actually a very effective tool for taking drugs. With each inhalation of cigarette smoke, smokers in the brain causes a rush of pleasure. Average smokers take about 10 breaths for 5 minutes to put an end to cigarette. Thus, a person who smoke every day 1:30 a box, or 30 cigarettes, in fact, your brain sends a 300 hits a day of drugs! Recent studies show that nicotine is not the only psychoactive ingredient in tobacco. Using sophisticated methods of monitoring the brain during smoking, scientists have discovered that one of the effects of smoking and dramatically lowering monoaminoksidaze (MAO), an important enzyme that blocks dopamine. Changing levels of the enzyme MAO must be the result of an action other tobacco substances, since it is known that nicotine does not alter the level of MAO enzyme in the brain. Lowering the two types of enzyme MAO, A and B, means further raising the level of dopamine, which is probably another reason why smokers smoke to ensure constant high levels of dopamine in the pleasure centers.

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