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Tumor of bone

Tumori bones, if arising in the bone, and the primary tumors can be benign or malignant, but they are secondary tumors that arise from metastasis of other diseased tissues.

Malignant tumors are progressive and frequently recurrent (appearing again in the same place the person who has already removed a tumor), and often metastasize to other tissues and are transmitted via blood and lymph. Benign tumors do not have any of the characteristics of malignant tumors, and no recurrences or metastases and were built from the tissue that is similar to normal tissue. Benign PRIMARY TUMOR These tumors are easily removed from the bone and can be replaced by bone tissue or the patients bone tissue guarded. Benign tumors are Chondroma or enhondromi. Chondroma usually occur in the bones of the arms and legs, and often reveals fractures of the bones, caused by the thinness of the walls of the bone. Chondroma cysts are most similar, but differ in the cyst contents. The most common benign tumors of the bone exostoses (outgrowths wrapped cartilage). In any case, benign tumors are curable and the prognosis for most patients is very good. Primary malignant tumor Some of the primary malignant tumors are malignant limfogranulom, malignant neurinoma, lymphosarcoma, plasmacytoma, and osteosarcoma. There are plenty of types of primary malignant tumors. The course and prognosis depend on the tissue containing the tumor. The disease is diagnosed based on a review of the patient, clinical, radiographic images, microscopic, histological findings and the macroscopic appearance of tumors. The diagnosis is based on a decision whether it is necessary to remove only a portion of bone that is affected or must remove the entire limb of the patient. If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, then the greater the chances of treatment success and cure the patient. Metastatic tumor Malignant tumors that develop in other tissues and organs, bones and can metastasize. Metastatic bone tumors are usually carcinomas (tumors of epithelial cell built). Metastases to the bone extending through the blood and cause the formation of secondary tumors. The structure of the bones so weak, which often leads to pathologic fractures, and thus reveals the presence of tumor. TREATMENT It is important to detect tumors at an early stage of development, because they are then able to heal much larger than when the tumor is in an advanced stage. The most common treatment is surgical therapy, or surgical removal of bone that is affected by the tumor, and in severe cases (when the tumor is malignant and tends to indicate invadiranja to surrounding tissues), removal of the entire limb. The treatment is also used chemotherapy and radiation therapy, although tumors of bone are often insensitive to these therapies.

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