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Treatment of bioenergy

The common feature of the method of treatment is the concept of bioenergy bioenergy as a vital energy that is conditioned by the unity of matter and spirit, man ...

Treatment of hands, the most common method of bioenergy that upražnjuje, includes a field effect bioenergy healer hands on the subject of therapy, with the purpose of manipulation and finally balancing its bioenergetic fields, resulting in harmony and health. Treatment bioenergy field hand implies telepathic influence on the subject of therapy and not using touch. Patients who undergo treatment of bio-energy, feel different sensations on the body, such as heat waves, burning or pressure on certain body parts. WHO (World Health Organization), an organization within the UN, it is estimated that approximately 70% of the worlds population relies on traditional and alternative medical systems. Harvard medical studies in 1993. showed that 33% of Americans extensively used alternative treatments, spending about 14 billion dollars a year, and recent studies show that the trend of using alternative medicine continues. Officially accepted methods of alternative medicine that its methodology found in the theory of bioenergy as hypnotherapy, Reiki, acupressure, acupuncture, sound healing with light and colors, herbal medicine, psychotronic healing, magnetic and electro-neural stimulators, etc. Despite the fact that the bio-energetic methods still hold alternatives, to increase the number of scientific and clinical research in this field was carried ispješno. Studies have shown that such Pulsating electromagnetic field accelerates the healing of tissues, increasing the speed of formation of the epithelial cells, improves circulation and helps in repairing blood vessels. Studies have also shown that rats that were stimulated by electronic stimuli to acupuncture points, showed signs of improving peripheral nerve regeneration and spinal cord regeneration. Other studies have clearly shown the clinical effectiveness of techniques like hypnosis and bio-energy field therapy (energy healing hands). Medical hypnotherapy is caused 113 - percent increase in tolerance in chronic pain patients and improve the immune system by increasing levels of immunoglobulin and activity of white blood cells. Experiment and research in the field of bioenergy therapy, proven to stop the decline and growth krnvih cells for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, bioenergy can be achieved in the area of ​​the thymus. Treatment of bioenergy is reported successful in patients with AIDS in terms of controlling symptoms. Akreditirajuce scientific studies have also demonstrated the reality and legitimacy of metaphysical phenomena. In 1997., Professor Andrey geim and Jan Maan from the University of Nijmegen, the Levites were able to achieve using live frogs bioenergy field Healer. Institute of mechanics and optics from St. Petersburg, conducted a controlled study on the effects kvantifibilnosti bioenergy bioenergy conscious effort (telepath and psychic healer). The study demonstrated that trained bioenergetics can be reliably controlled and affect the sensors eleketromagnetskog fields at distances of 200-3000 meters, causing a measurable change of less than 30% in signal intensity, high levels associated with periods of conscious effort.

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