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Depressive Disorder

, Depression is definitely a devastating condition that requires the attention of doctors ...

VICTOR HUGO once described melancholy as a pleasure to be sad. Many have the opportunity to experience the pleasure, but sorrow, in the opinion of psychiatrists, steps toward depression, an illness that must be lijeciti.Ne treat depression is dangerous because it can lead to murder and suicide and the destruction of many lives. But grief should not always equated with depression. Sadness is not a disease, according to Allan Horwitz, professor of sociology at Rutgers SveucliĆĄtu, and Jerome Wakefield, professor of social work at New York University, in his new book, The loss of sadness: How psychiatrists transformed the usual sadness in depressive disorder. The Times reported that sadness is a natural emotion, good for us as well as the good and happiness. Survived hundreds of thousands of years and can not possibly be as harmful as it propagated today by some doctors and pharmacists. Depression is certainly devastating condition that requires the attention of a doctor, said Allan Horwitz and Jerome Wakefield. Symptoms such as insomnia, loss of appetite and fatigue do not necessarily indicate that it is a depression. People are sometimes depressed for the right reasons, such as disconnecting or job loss, but may be incorrectly identified as being of depresivni.Daleko Horwitz and Wakefield are not respected experts in the field of mental health, they only indicate that it is sometimes right to be human sad that theyre not necessarily be in a depression. Depression is more than just sadness, but only when intense sadness has no apparent cause, lasting longer than usual, consider the possibility that it may be a disorder.

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