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How to predict epileptic seizures

Epileptic seizure begins suddenly in the brain, then it can spread and affect the whole body ....

techniques that scientists use in earthquake prediction could be used for prediction of epileptic seizures, according to a Florida neurologist Ivan Osorio from the University of Kansas, reports the British daily Guardian. Together with associates Dr. Osorio is concluded that there is a similarity between the electrical activity in the brain before and during epileptic seizures, and seismic activity associated with potresima.Epilepsija is one of the most common neurological disease that affects about 50 million people worldwide. Manifested periodic, transient seizures that occur suddenly, last a short while and suddenly prestaju.I earthquakes and epileptic seizures preceded by a small, barely noticeable flicker. Epileptic seizures began abruptly in the brain, then it can spread and affect the entire body. An earthquake, too, often occurs as a sudden, potentially dangerous vibration focused around the relatively well-defined point. Scientists believe that both earthquakes and epileptic seizures should be considered as a relaxation events during which you suddenly dissipates accumulated energija.Dr. Osorio believes that the similarities between electrical activity in the brain and seismic activity may improve prediction of epileptic seizures, which could lead to their prevention. Access to the prevention of epilepsy Dr. Osorio Some experts evaluated as an attractive concept, but scientists warn that the Kansaza has not demonstrated that his method works in practice.

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