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Genetic Engineering

The rapid growth of companies that deal with genetic testing is the result of remarkable development of genomic technologies emerging from the Human Genome Project

When in 1989. was launched this grand project, it was estimated that the decoding of mans genetic code, the letters of the three billion letters A, T, C, G (short for adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine) cost three billion U.S. dollars. Because the technology has progressed strongly in the meantime, the human genetic code is read at a cost of $ 500 million. But in the last eight years the technology is still ahead and grab a few companies have developed new methods that have significantly lowered the price of decoding genomes. One of those companies, 454 Life Sciences, in spring 2007. proposed a Nobel Prize winner James Watson to be a guinea pig decoded the genome of which will be made public on the Internet. Watson, who in 1953. together with the late Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA, enthusiastically accepted the offer. The company 454 Life Sciences has read the Watson genome within two months and at the price of one million dollars. At the same time, and when Watson, his genome on the Internet in 2007. released and Craig Venter, the famous American scientist whose former company Celera Genomics in April 2000. read the first human Page kov genetic code. Public acknowledgment of their genetic records Venter and Watson were exposed to various risks that expose information about themselves. For example, when in 2007. James Watson was the statement that blacks are less intelligent than whites caused a scandal of planetary scale, the scientists procerpkali by its genome and found to contain 16 percent of genes that originate from a black ancestor from Africa.

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