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Hygiene Body

We have reached so far that we stink trams, buses, elevators, offices, gyms and doctors offices ...

we have reached so far that we stink trams, buses, elevators, offices, gyms and doctors offices. It was the doctors first rebelled against terror odor, but this is not done as it would be expected of them, public appearance, some proclamation or action of the Ministry of Health. They are in the poll on the topic What would you like to tell their patients responded unanimously to recommend that they are more concerned about hygiene tijela.Od smell the dam so that the occasional nurse, when she gets sick and tired, write on a piece of paper warning patients to before the examination or therapeutic procedure must wash and highlight it in a visible place in the workspace. Physicians, either for the purpose of this paper, were not willing to talk openly about the problem, but admitted that during the day are often forced to stop work in order to aerate clinic after visiting a patient.

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