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Pathological Lying

Pathological lying is in fact present in a person who tells lies systematically despite the fact that the same may be or already is punished ...

How to mark precisely what it is pathological lying when lots of people telling lies? As they lie become part of our everyday life that some are used to trick the other, some of which are to relieve the painful truth, and they lie third from a completely unknown reasons. The official international classification categories is particularly marked pathological lying. This category implies that pathological lying is basically there for those people who systematically speaks lies despite the fact that the same may be or is already punished. Lying is more present in certain diseases and disorders such as some developmental and / or antisocial pathological disorders. Scientists have proven that there are certain centers in the brain that record changes in pathological lying. Studies have shown such a reduced activity in the nucleus of the thalamus, particularly the so-called. Right hemitalamusa and increased activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in a group of volunteers who are prone to pathological lying. If lying is a common form of human behavior, when it becomes pathological? In psychiatric jargon pathological lying is often a means pseudologija fiction, and less frequently used synonym for mania and lying sick. Mainly in the literature pathological lying is described through the centuries. Unlike the lie that the surfaces acquire a certain person who used to lie, pathological lying is more commonly associated with a person, not the situation, no external or consequential used mostly purposeless. Moreover, is discriminatory for a person who is lying, but it nevertheless continues to use lies. In the contemporary DSM-IV classification of diseases and disorders, pathological lying as a category does not exist. But there as one of the psychological status and symptoms in the so-called. umišljenog disorders, although we can safely say that many people prone to pathological lying does not show other symptoms umišljenog disorder. Pathological liars lie obsessive and impulsive. Changes are only themes. So many of this phenomenon is approaching the level of psychotic disorder. There are views that pathological liars can not control their lies, which can lead to criminal behavior, for example, can be manifested in giving testimony in court. We still lack systematic studies on possible abnormalities of the central nervous system, is not sufficiently explored the question of whether pathological lying preegzistirajuce result of mental disease or mental illness to herself, if you did then it would be necessary to determine its stability and consistent symptoms and include it in the international classification of diseases. Everything listed above represent unknowns and difficulties when it comes to treating people who pathologically lie. Pathological liars are generally not feeling sick, their behavior is often impulsive and obsessive and uncontrollable urge to lie. There are certain types of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy, which does not act directly on pathological lying, but it operates at the above components as an integral part.

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