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Adolescent crisis

Sudden changes in behavior, apathy, alienation from friends and family, lack of willingness to learn - the first symptoms of psychosis may be readily interpreted as an adolescent crisis.

In reality the disorder, affecting one hundred persons in adolescence, it begins to manifest itself between the 16th and 18 year. In conclusion, this study conducted at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine, University La Sapienza in Rome. Psychosis can be defined as a psychological discomfort with the situation that occurs progressively moving away from reality, a process that people do not know. Adolescence is a period in life when an individual is at a crossroads between child and adulthood. Many young people in that period were a bunch of experienced mental health problems. There is a need to become adults, and they do not know how. The school can not learn how to become an adult. The first models of which adopt the behavior of adults our parents. Very often it happens that these first and most important models are absent or they themselves have not grown up in the true sense of the word. The absence or inadequacy of the model leads to complete confusion in the mind of an adolescent. He becomes aware that his conduct and manner of communication does not satisfy him or her environment, and can not fathom any other way. The second method involves communication from a position of adult, which includes accountability, freedom and respect. Different forms of adolescent crisis Adolescent crisis affects not just some. It captures the majority of young people, only those with her face in different ways. Society, unfortunately, sees only those adolescents who abuse drugs and other risky behaviors to cross into the realm of social problems. Then take action aimed to weed out undesirable behavior. No alternative is offered, and the vast majority of good adolescents who suffer from their problems, not altogether comprises all any programs. Almost all adolescents have similar problems: the repressed emotions, inability expression of intellectual, creative and emotional resources, fear of growing up, inability to achieve quality relationships, conflicts with parents and other authorities, need to be respected and as adult community members, to be respected their needs and respect their ideas. The latest studies on this subject showed a high correlation between the occurrence of psychosis and living in big cities and consumption of marijuana and alcohol. But psychosis is now successfully treated.

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